Glaciers In Cemetery Weather

"It is only worth it if it is enlightening, if it tells us something about ourselves,tells us a greater truth, if it tells us something about who we are,who we try to be,who we want to be,then it has all we ever will need"



Never Shout Never // Overtheyears

to you

I oh so badly want to preform some of my spoken word poetry at an open mic or slam event but I’m terrified. Someone help.


Ollie Renee Schminkey - ‘Boobs’


Dylan Garity & Anna Binkovitz | “Not The Choir”

"This is not about liberals or conservatives. This is not about red skin versus blue. This is about Americans who still think that our revolution is the only one that got it right. For the college students who can’t tell Iraq from Australia. For the students who think they can save the world from a coffee shop. For the people who switched to Glee because the news is too depressing. We are all sitting in front of 10,000 foot television screen. We exercise our "citizenship" every time we change the channel. We didn’t pull the trigger, we just sold them the guns. We don’t enslave children, we just buy from the lowest bidder. We didn’t see the bodies we were watching a different show. We aren’t doing anything wrong. We aren’t doing anything.” 


denice frohman “dear straight people”

"Just because I cannot commit the act of small talk does not mean I don’t have huge things to say."

I left my bowl of spaghetti on the counter today to answer the phone, I come back and my cat is sitting there chewing on a noddle and he keeps doing this as he looks at me dead in the eye till the whole noodle is gone.