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"It is only worth it if it is enlightening, if it tells us something about ourselves,tells us a greater truth, if it tells us something about who we are,who we try to be,who we want to be,then it has all we ever will need"


i hate those friendships that just end for no reason you just stop talking

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You’ve called me cute 3 times ??? Is this a cruel joke or do you really think I’m cute? You’re cute but I am bad at flirting I’m sorry. Gah. Are you serious or not. You don’t have a tumblr so you’re not gunna read this but ehh oh well I like talkin things out.

I feel more alone when I’m with you than when you have disappeared. I miss you more when I’m with you than when I don’t have you.

"As I lit my cigarette, you said ‘you know, smoking is bad for you’ and all I did was smile. It’s not what I wanted to do, it’s just what kind of happened. I wanted to tell her. I wanted so badly to say ‘so is falling for you’ but it’s too late, and I’m still lighting these cigarettes. I’m not falling for you anymore, I’m trying to forget — you probably don’t care what’s good and bad for me anymore."

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Nights man😒


yeah sex is cool but have u ever put on clothes straight out of the dryer

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